FRANK GREEN 20oz Rouge


We all want to do better by our planet, and one of the easiest changes you can make is to switch to a reusable coffee cup. This beautiful cup from Frank Green will eliminate the need for single-use coffee cups. Well designed, stylish and really convenient, this will keep your drink hot or cold for longer, and the best part?  In as little as 15 uses, you’ll begin to offset the environmental impact it took to create your Frank Green. The unique, one handed push button design is built to help retain the temperature of your drink, and to create a leak proof seal, great for when you've hit that snooze button one too many times!
  • Ceramic Reusable Cup from Frank Green.
  • 20oz / 595ml / Regular.
  • Ceramic inner layer and stainless steel outer.
  • Keeps your drink hot or cold for longer.
  • For the best heat retention, keep your lid on and the button closed unless drinking.