What the ladybird heard on holiday (board)


Those two bad men, Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh, are back! They may be in the city instead of the farm, but they haven't changed their thieving ways. In fact, they're even more ambitious. They're planning to steal a monkey from the zoo and use it to pinch the Queen's crown. It's a pity for them that a certain crime-busting ladybird is holidaying in the very same city...and she's got a good idea to ensure the dastardly pair won't get away with it.
  • Author: Donaldson, Julia & Monks, Lydia
  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan
  • Format: Hardback
  • Publication Date: 26/03/2019
  • ISBN: 9781509892495
  • B-Code: B041426
  • Illustrated: Full colour
  • Pages: 30
  • Dimensions: 180x180mm