Absolute Aromas Aroma - Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser


Absolute Aromas Aroma-Mist Ultrasonic Diffuser is the perfect way to create the perfect atmosphere in your home or at work. This stylish diffuser can be used in so many ways; it can add a calming and relaxing mood, it can be used for the healing qualities of certain oils or it can be used to bring a touch of luxury to your home or workplace. This Aroma-Mist Diffuser has subtle mood lighting to allow you to create your ideal mood to help calm the mind, body and soul. This diffuser uses no naked flames or smoke and requires no heat source; instead it uses modern ultrasonic technology, aromatherapy and mood lighting. All you have to do is pick your favourite essential oil, pre-made oil blend or blend your favourite oils together to enjoy the relaxation and calmness this Aroma-Mist diffuser can bring.