Bamboo Straws




We use 1 billion plastic, petroleum-based, non-biodegradable straws everyday worldwide. That’s enough to wrap around the planet 2.5 times! Help eliminate the use of these plastic straws with this pack of six reusable Bamboo Straws.

Our reusable Bamboo Straws are natural, durable and safe bamboo. They originate in nature and are biodegradable, sustainable, and organically grown. Not only beautiful, reusable Bamboo Straws are strong, durable and 100% natural, containing NO inks or dyes. Each straw derives from a single stem of bamboo, unique in its own variance of colour, thickness, and texture, so you are literally sipping from nature.

Hosting a tropical-themed tiki party? Serve up your drinks with our reusable 100% Natural Straws and your guests will certainly be impressed. Their natural composition ensures each straw provides a lovely unique and rustic addition and the perfect finishing touch to your cold summer drinks, fruit smoothies, exotic drinks and dinner party cocktails.

Finally, a purchase of our reusable Bamboo Straws is a vote for sustainable materials. Using wholly natural products is a connection to nature that is hard to come by, and a little meditation on a conscious way of living.

Try it, you’ll love it!

5 in a packet