Crocodile Balancing Game


Carefully collect the colorful cylinders and balance them on the crocodile, or shake the die and correctly place that colour. This Crocodile Balancing Game teaches balance and color recognition. Play is an essential part of a child's learning and emotional growth. What better material for a child to play and interact with than crafted wood? Wooden toys are classic and timeless. They last forever.They are passed down through the generations. Wooden toys endure as your child grows: so versatile they connect with all ages and talents. With no sound or electronic parts, your child’s imagination is free to decide what and how to play with them.Open-ended toys inspire your child to imagine countless possibilities, focusing on just the toy. Their thoughts are not jumping from one toy to the next as occurs when the toys think for the child.Toys with battery-generated special effects can over-stimulate children.The combination of blinking lights, loud sounds or music, and automated movement can be too much for any child. Pressing one button to make lights blink and sounds appear merely teaches a child simple cause and effect and passes up a wonderful opportunity to encourage imaginative, creative play on their part. Classic World wooden toys support such imaginative play. As Einstein said,“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Imagination is more important than knowledge.”Your child is a thinker, explorer and learner. Classic World understands that. Crafted without nasty treatments in their materials and making, Classic World toys invite a natural introduction to some of the new world's wonders. A comforting contact with solid and substantial wood, nothing else feels quite like it; all shapes and sizes for little fingers to explore; colours and configurations to stimulate your child's boundless imagination. Happy Playing, Happy Learning.