Bertie the Basset




Meet Brian, he is our resident orange basset ornament and would brighten up anyone’s home. As you can see from his ears, he is either surprised or perhaps even windswept!  Brian the orange basset hound ornament comes in Atomic Orange and has 4 siblings – Wilbur comes in electric blue and Shirley is shocking pink, Gloria is a wonderful glorious gold and Stevie is stunningly silver. Brian the orange basset hound ornament would love to be given a good home. If you are looking to brighten up your home then he is the dog for you. Obedient and quiet, some would say he could be the perfect addition to your family. Add a splash of colour and fun to any room with Brian, the adorable orange basset hound ornament.

Brian is lightweight but sits very sturdily once a spot has been found for him. He will not be knocked over easily given all 4 feet sit squarely on the ground. He is very well made and is highly textured, giving the appearance of being alive, apart from the fact he is bright orange of course! Brian is healthy, as can be seen from the wet nose appearance he has also been given. 37x30x26cm

All in all, Brian will be a great addition to your good home. If you can’t see a place for him in your home then he would make an ideal gift for a friend or relative. He would add vibrant colour if you happen to be doing your Christmas Shop as well.

Don’t forget Wilbur and Shirley if Brian doesn’t float your boat!