Featuring the Real Wine Gums Collection, this all-in-one set includes three gift boxes: Red Merlot, White Chardonnay and Rosé Wine gums. These lifestyle WINE gums are an adult luxury happiness and they try to achieve the taste of that first sip wine in a new way, without actually drinking.

Three pack 3 * 50 gram

"Who does not like wine? How often do you long for that first sip on the couch after a hard day's work? But, unfortunately, you still have to drive home."

Wine is hip. Innovation and design are trendy! 

The Real WINE gum isn't a candy for children, but an "adult luxury happiness”. It's suitable for vegetarians and it's gluten, fat, nuts, gelatin, and lactose free. It also contains no artificial colors. In short, it is healthy and delicious! This meets the requirements of consumers in the field of health, as well as the demands placed by the government.


Gums are a failed invention of Charles Gordon Maynard in 1909; whose father Gerard Riley Maynard had a candy store. Gums are originally from England.

When Gerard Riley Maynard, a confirmed teetotaller, had discovered that his son produced wine gums he rehired him.  When the father was convinced that wine gums contained no wine, the threat was immediately withdrawn.

This is the story of the invention of the wine gum as they are now sold in supermarkets everywhere. The colorful candy with different fruity flavors. The Real WINE Gum doesn’t compare to those wine gums. We created a wine gum, which actually tastes like wine, but doesn’t contain any alcohol and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Many fans of the Real WINE Gum have even experienced a wine-like aftertaste. Everybody recognizes that moment; when you’ve worked hard all day, and can’t wait for that first sip of wine once you get home. That moment can now already take place at work with our Real WINE Gum. Experience it alone or with friends.